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Paragraph from channeling with SANAT KUMARA. He asked to be called just SANAT, he is a little tired from the prefix KUMARA

Channeler LAVIAANA
Translator Anna Tarasova

Who are the 144.000 light bringers?

TEA: Who are the 144.000 light bringers?

SANAT: They are reborn souls, who had to take part in the Earth’s transition to new levels. How do you know about them?

TEA: They are often mentioned in sources of unknown origin, on Earth this information is spread by means of the internet, there is much talk about a certain armada of saviors who came during the moment of the Earth's ascension and somewhere it was mentioned that they came with you, that’s why I wanted to check this out.

SANAT: These are souls who came not from my world but for the most part, from this Universe from different plains, who achieved a certain level of purity. They could have been the motivation, lifting the vibrations of Earth much higher if they are gathered all together and participate at the same time.

TEA: Super, I have the same information according to my perception. I am also scanning your space.

SANAT: It’s great that you can confirm this, because there are lots of rumors going around.


TEA: How did they want to help in the Transition– by incarnation on Earth or by help from the outside?

SANAT: By different way’s, maybe there were thoughts about direct incarnation? However, much more interaction happened by transfer of vibration aspects into incarnated beings on Earth, it was intended that an awakening would happen through subtle bodies, through the hearts of those souls who already live here. 144 thousand light bringer, their aspects, should have been awakened in the hearts of incarnated beings - people themselves allow such cooperation, when they have the desire to step up to a new level with the planet. If the being accepts the agreement, then the high vibration aspect of the light bringer can cooperate with him.

This aspect may look like higher self or a guide who helps bring to reality, the soul’s awakened source, perhaps, more like a co-guide! It is co-guidance of a certain incarnated soul with beings (souls) who have accumulated high vibrations long before.

TEA: These were the plans,what happened in reality? These 144 thousand souls, are they still hanging in the Earth’s energy fields?

SANAT: No, not everybody got admission, but many were able to do as intended. We have proof of that.

TEA:How many of them were able to bring the plan to realization? Percentage?

SANAT: 50% were able to begin communication with the souls living here, but not all of them have finished the process, so that the soul could transfer into the world, such vibrations. Which were intended initially.

TEA: So the channel is set but the implementation does not take place?

SANAT: Still in process.

TEA: Let’s put it this way: from these 50% who have set up the channel, let’s have them as 100% now, how many have started the realization and how many are just getting ready?

SANAT: About 30%.

TEA: Not bad. And what are the others doing?

SANAT: Those who have not set the channel are looking for souls, so they could fulfill something like that. Because there are many souls leaving the Earth, as well as many who are just coming, then there is such a “commotion” here, if we speak earthly language.

TEA: Yeah, be sure to catch someone adequate out of this flow.

SANAT: Yes, sometimes the energy fields are so mixed up and you must check many times not to make a mistake. Otherwise you will fail.

TEA: And how does a person, if he is nominally ready to play the role of the guide, see that soul who is trying to make contact with him?

SANAT: When a person is ready, when he demonstrates his desire, interest and so on, he will light up like a lighthouse. He does not have to see that soul as the soul sees him itself and will make the contact with him. Then the soul looks and decides, depending on the range of his manifestation through what it is that’s possible, to make contact so that the maximum interaction takes place.

TEA: Yes, it all happens this way, I understand, but let me put my question to you in another perspective. Imagine now that ordinary people are talking to you through me, people who believe that they are ready to step out of 3D reality and do something in the planetary scale.

There is such a desire but as soon as they expose it outside and, as you say, the lighthouse has been turned up, you understand that the light bringers are not the only ones who can come?

Of course, though these people ask themselves the question: how do we tell if it’s another phantom under somebody’s mask? or if it’s that pure soul from the light bringers group?

SANAT: Yes, I understand your question. Anything can be under the sweet energies, of course.

Beings from higher realms

TEA: It’s more like a standard practice than the other way around.

SANAT: First of all beings from higher realms never impose anything on anyone, it’s the first indicator showing whether to make contact with him or not. They do not promise a fortune either. If we talk about the heart level, these are the vibrations of different source. Nope, not all people can discern energies at the heart level, and that is the problem.

TEA: Yes, exactly so.

Human energy fields

SANAT: Those beings who can distinguish at the heart level feel the vibrations as very calm and peaceful, yet never imposed. When they make contact, they do not impose of you with information. I’ll give an example from my own personal experience (as I read human energy fields) like I saw it in one of the situations….

A being makes contact and tells a human: “You have great potential, you are able to expand your energies and with these,work on a global capacity, I will give you information in return, and you can try your power”, for example, by cleaning out ecology and atmosphere with energy. Your mission is to cleanse the ocean.”

And a human is caught in his “globalism” and begins to cleanse the ocean. It turns out that he puts all his effort into executing this mission without having real authority, not really working globally, not having a connection to the necessary vibrations.

A human – his unwidened channel - is “caught” – one of the creatures,infusing information in him, is not sitting on it. This is a specific case, and you can see this a lot in immature human beings, who are being “caught” on their globalism and magnitude.

TEA: So this principle is working absolutely for everybody – people are caught on pride. The simplest example: there are some negative processes going on in Ukraine, as a counterweight it is suggested to create general meditation, a collective intention, to bring healing to this situation, people are actively generating energy, but nothing is changing in this area.

I wonder – where did the energy go? Disappointment and disbelief once again. It’s like a vicious circle.

SANAT: That is why we are working on awakening heart vibrations and cleansing on the heart level in the first place and not in the mind. Until we do our job on the heart level, the “being” does not begin to lead “the human”.

The being begins to knock on the heart level first, if the person is ready to cleanse his space on the heart level and by doing so he can feel vibrations in a totally different spectrum, only then we begin active co-leading. If the person wants to perceive everything on the mind level, we remain fully aware of the implications of working deeply with him.

We would like to minimize these mistakes because there is no point in deep co-leading, if it is obvious that a person is immature then he must clean his structures so that the volume of his personal power and consciousness will lead him to look from an alternative perspective.

You don’t think that we are so blind, that the high frequency vibration being is ready to work with any person who has made his intention clear? Let the process be slower but with more quality.

TEA: Yes, it is exactly so and I am sure that you are fully aware of it, because at first this may all be very quick and then the mind will turn itself on and it will just kill all the work you have done up to that point, it will distort it.

SANAT: At first,we wanted to speed up the process but we’ve understood that if a person cannot contain vibrations by heart, then it is useless to pour anything in to him, he will get off somewhere in the “side doors” anyway.

TEA: Absolutely, so. I confirm this by 100%. So, for people when in a contact, his can be a point of distinction. If a man is being brainwashed by some great global ideas then it is obvious that the “grey” ones are trying to get in and If a person feels love, nothing except love, whom nobody asks anything from in return and who does not insistently lead…

SANAT: Well yes that’s the point that we always try to bring out, that light beings never insist or ask: “Do this and that, and we will give you this and that”. And the other side – they always give some interesting information, but it is of no use because there is nowhere on the planet Earth that it can be applied.

This information is about some structures and universes… a person feels himself so important that he is given this information and what can he do with it? – it is of absolutely no use.

Although a being from any level higher than a human has a possibility to read this information but as a result, where does their energy go and what is it used for?

TEA: Yes, that’s exactly so, let’s run through a healthy scenario; when a light being is really making “a contact” and suggests mutual work. How does this happen? step by step.

SANAT: The being is knocking on the heart level, because in earthly conditions it is useless to knock anywhere higher than the heart center at this stage.

Almost no human being scan read information from higher centers in its “pure state”. On the heart level it is possible to reach a person through different conditions – through the flows that either create something, or lead away. First we show this flow and see if a person agrees, if he wants to live in these flows.

If we get an adequate counter flow as a reply: “Yes, I want this, I like this!”, then a bigger flow comes and the next option is: “Would you like to look at all these flows, the ones which work in you?

Not all the flows that we suggested are congruent to yours. Don’t you want to see what else is there, inside of you?”.The action is tender, so that the person does not get scared but could adequately look at himself from the outside.

This is the beginning of co-leading – just a contact. When a person gives his full agreement, that such an energy stream suits him, then a closer and more intimate contact takes place.

Those flows in a person, that did not correspond with the flows of a being-light bringer, begin to come out and yet here you must also look individually at both whom and what, is coming up to the surface.

Cleansing from lower vibrations

TEA: Is this the process of cleansing from lower vibrations?

SANAT: Yes, for sure. In this process of cleansing we suggest that a person takes a conscious lead by himself, that he does not wait for someone from the outside to come and make him clean.

When a person shows his reasonableness: “Yes, I want this, and I understand for what and why”, then the first stage of co-leading happens, when we prepare the base for such energies that must get inside it.

Here it does not matter if a person wants to go through this by faith, let him do so, just not by religion, in its slavish understanding. When the cleansing takes place from the outside – this is now no longer working anymore.

TEA: And what other rays of manifestation and realization are there, through what?

SANAT: Through that which is more familiar to a person – any meditation practices and communications through nature.

Energy of both nature and plants is rather reasonable if you know how to use it. If a person has vibrations that allow one to work with energies and there are no controversies, then the plants will play an important role in the cleansing of the channels.

There are people who can work through crystals. It is good that we provide such ground and it is important that the cleansing takes place in different plains, so we are going to look for the next step.

The most important thing is that the trust of the channel itself is built and that the outside structures do not interfere, or that any interference is minimized.

TEA: What is used as a base? The Skills of a person, of his soul, what he is interested in?

SANAT: Yes, the indicator is nonviolence in the first place.

TEA: OK. Let’s say the channel is set, the person is walking this path, he is interested in this and the energies are coming, the heart is pretty much cleansed. What is the next step?

SANAT: The next step is the co-guidance – the person is offered an option of working together.

It depends from what world the being has arrived from and how big is the volume that the person can contain.

For example she can suggest to widen the volume and connect her own world – maybe the vibrations of her world, crystals of her world or creatures from her world, who are in a program of working with people.

TEA: That means that behind each 144.000 light bringers, exists his own high vibration world?

SANAT: Definitely they carry the vibrations of their world. The light bringers look at the person, at his accumulated experience and come close using similar vibrations.

TEA: Yes, there must be a synchronization, so that it is easier to work together. «Birds of a feather flock together” as they say.

SANAT: Yes, approximately so.

TEA: OK, the co-guidance is in full force, the energies are flowing, what’s the next step?

SANAT: It is mutual work that will lead the planet to a new vibrational level, so that the planet is not like a foreign body anymore, so it can organically join in the processes that are going on in the whole Universe. And what does this mutual work contain? One must look at every case individually.

TEA: It is of course a very beautiful plan… Let’s do it like this, I like statistics. I understand that it is all relative but it puts everything in its place to get a whole picture.

It is understood that other than these 144.000 light bringers, there are other systems that help lift vibrations of Earth, we now talk only about this part and if only a half of these 144.000 light bringers started to work on cooperation with certain representatives of the human race, and from this half only 30% began the co-guidance, it means therefore one fourth of 144.000.

There are about 7 billion of humans on the Earth, if not more, and it is not clear what state they are in. Do you think this potential is enough? Even if all 144.000 could set up channels of mutual work?

SANAT: There is a big process going on, the souls are taken away. Other than that, then you must not include those souls who do not fit in such cooperation because of their development state, otherwise you must spend a lot of energy and that makes no sense.

Many souls refuse – they just want to leave so instead we would like other souls to come. This process is not finished yet, it is about a half way through.

TEA: What’s happening is that low vibration souls are being washed out due to high vibration souls, who can start to work in this program.

But there is one point to consider, Souls who cannot bear it, usually leave. They stay in the energy fields of the Earth, somewhere between 3-rd and 4-th dimensions which again, lowers the vibrations of the planet. Do you know about this?

SANAT: Yes, I know. We are working with this as well as with

GAYIMIYA (crystal Consciousness of the Earth). We are building our own channels of departure for these souls.

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