Our greetings to all New Earth People!


When we hear “New Earth” we think about something somewhere out there that separated from us, very distant and unattainable. If we associate the New Earth with our present Earth then certainly it won’t happen in this century, maybe sometime later in the future and with other generations.

So what prevents us from creating the reality of the New Earth here and now?

Are you ready to ACT, to open new horizons in your own life and to change the quality of the surrounding space?

BECOME a resident of the NEW EARTH!

This project was created to help people to create their own world to live in – the space of the New Earth. Here and now, many people become carriers of another reality and can see the reality change around them.

What is the New Earth?

This is our world but without pain, fear, dependence, and loneliness. This is a world fulfilled with the light and light energies. The world of the joy of creation, endless love of freedom, unexpected discoveries and excitements from meetings with other worlds.

The goal of the project is not to sit and wait for the New Earth to come one day but instead to generate new waves of a new reality here and now.

We invite you to join our group of like-minded individuals to support each other in our shared vision of the new world and through our own example, illuminate the path for others and accepting a joint responsibility of our actions of creating this New Earth together.

You do not need to change your faith, your life principles or even your environment. We are not a cult, nor a group that encroaches on anyone’s freedom. We are all mature minded people who are ready to replace indifference, cruelty, and fear with collective sensitivity, curiosity, boldness and creative creation.

In the old terms being “spiritual” meant being just a “good” person. In the New Reality which is now being created “spirituality” means experiencing by seeing and feeling the UNITY and CONNECTION, staying present in the Sacred Space of your HEART as much as possible during your lifetime.

As long as you stay connected with your heart and “live in” it, you will radiate deep understanding and pure love, this will become your natural state and there is no need to strive for qualities supposedly being “bad” or “sinful.”

What is “our thing”?

Our thing is the fact that all the materials of and within our portal are NOT quotations copied from somewhere else but our own personal experience and revelations.

In the other words, if we go as far as to advise someone in whatever matters may arise, then this is only because same or similar actions couple with solutions has been tested in our own lives.

We share these experiences to inspire and encourage other people to look for their own ways to happiness and self-realization.

Through the online broadcasts and real-time events we will do, we will invite other people to learn about a life experience that they may never have heard of before, let alone had. It is living knowledge which we are happy to share with anyone, and everyone, who is ready to make that commitment and work on themselves.

Through communication with ourselves, a group of like-minded people, you have the opportunity to look both at yourself and to the outside world from a slightly different perspective, to learn something that you will never learn in any school, college or educational institute.

Become the creator of your life by putting the knowledge into practice.

If you are tired of dead ends in your life and you want to change the familiar patterns to something more worthy of you or if you even just happy to share with others your ideas and ways of life then…

You are welcome to become a resident of the New Earth!

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