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ARCHANGEL MICHAEL about  future work with GAIMIYA

Translator Elena Krymskaya

I am one of the participants and developers of the ascension process. I have no doubts.

And I have a trustworthy team. If at some point there are failures, in these worlds it is normal.

So one step at the time.

Yes, it is really planned to transfer our planet into about the seventh density of existence.

But not at one blow, of course not. I showed the project to Gaimiya.

They approved it and asked not to slow down the pace.

Also, they wanted us to strengthen the ongoing processes by applying certain packages of energy.

But we shouldn't make any sudden waves between the densities because this will lead to irreversible processes in a structure of the planet and to the destruction of a number of creatures, not only a minus orientation.

At first, the planet approximately in the fifth density will be really settled down.

Yes, phantoms of such planet are in fact emerging and still being created.

We have already talked about phantoms. As well as that happens. But it's not the reason for disappointment (or not the reason to be disappointed).

The planet with certain parameters, which we are creating, has distinguishing signs and attributes (or features). There is a so-called relay taking a place now. Also, there are mediators between densities being prepared (or trained).Some of them are already working nowadays.

They are conscious, through their subtle guides, establishing (or mislaying) codes for adaptation in new experiences for creatures wishing to make the transition.

But, to the beings who are not thinking of this processor afraid of it for some reason, there is a latent code of a transition there, with the right to choose (or an option).

This is an activator which gives you a subconscious impulse for a positive movement, not by enforcement but by showing you some energies which are going to be the main ones in the future.

If the percent of the energy, developed by a being on this subject, reaches at least till 50-51, he (or she) begins, slowly and progressively, to start working.

If it is not present, he remains silent without being shown in any way, just continuing, as the fairy tale, to translate the positive beginning.

Further, on not phantom (or unphantom:)) planet the grid of vibration codes, which are going to work as the lock and a key for an entrance of creatures, is being built.

So the lock is located on the planet in the fifth density, a key is in a matrix of a being. Without it, there will be neither entrance nor adaptation.

Gaimiya herself has the copy of this grid in her energy structure. Nobody can enter just like that.

The keys to it are in hands of Gaimiya. All the things I have just described are distinctive signs of not a phantom planet.

Then there will be the sixth density. Therefore there will be the integration of the collective energies after their long gathering in a fifth one. The following stage – the seventh density.

And probably not everyone will be there at this time. But it is too early to talk about this.

Without similar gradual transitions, many of beings will burn down or will come out with the deformed matrixes.

It is impossible to force to jump the baby with a parachute :).

The scheme is worked out. Details are specified and adjusted on the course and in the place.

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