When I found UNIVERSAL FAMILY KEEPER to communicate and to hear everything from the first hand, as AKASHIC RECORDS KEEPER, HE was not surprised at all. Either the news are spreading fast or he is not familiar with such category as surprise.

Soul Energy Information Keys

We often don’t understand ourselves, and take as a given all the mental junk we have gathered. However, there are true gems hidden deep within us. My energies will help you to believe that they are real.

new earth
Compaction of the Events

Greetings to those who live in the NEW EARTH. I want to light up the situation on Earth, especially in connection with the latest publications on the social networks. People love rumors, different fears and unusual interpretations of phenomena …

earth spirit
Channeling With GAYIMIYA. Part 1.

Nobody had ever heard about the male aspect of the spirit of Earth, right? It is very strange because in this particular Universe ALL healthy creatures, without exception, are created on the basis of complete crystals, containing both “male” and female” polarity.

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