Delegation of centers
Delegation Of Centers (Chakras)

There is another type of attachments – delegation of centers. It is reflected in the fact that one person is regularly transmitting to another not only energy of particular center, but also a part of abilities and skills associated with it. It means to rely on somebody regarding a certain question.

spiritual relationship
Relationship Before Self-Sufficiency

While two partners don’t feel self-sufficient, the contact occurs on the level of body and personality (first three centers). I’m talking here about an average couple. Communication on the level of the soul begins from the heart center. But as there is no integrity within a couple yet, everything begins with an attachment, which means that one partner completes himself by using another one.

spiritual relationship
Spiritual And Energetic Nature Of A Relationship

I’d like to begin with a story that will help me illustrate to you what I’ll be talking about.
An experienced yogi falls in love with an eighteen year old girl.
For a yogi of such a high- level this feeling would be more like a headache than a joy because similarities to monks the yogi will also maintain a life of celibacy.


At the moment the Internet is overfilled with channelings from various sources. So, what is channeling?
You probably remember that predictions regarding Age change (millennium 2000) promised people of Earth lots of contacts with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Channeling Vibration Recognition Test

Some people read channeling as a breath of fresh air. Some people grumble that this all is junk and paranoia of certain individuals. So what do we really have here?
Channeling is a reality that is coming from different dimensions of creation. But these are absolutely different realities.

Shiva’S Blue Throat

In an ancient tantric tradition, the supreme God Shiva was depicted with blue throat.
According to the legend, the demons and the demi-gods wishing to get the elixir of life had to team up and began to churn the ocean of life with a great mountain Meru.

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