Life Stories

way to the earth
Our Way To The Earth. Part 2.

We were newcomers in this World and we had to learn a lot and also learn to adapt, especially in this Universe. Many souls who are now on the Earth are confused: how did they end up here? Talking about the evolution, it is enough to make the first step, and then the second … so the ascent begins. The opposite is also true.

Our Way To The Earth
Our Way To The Earth. Part 1.

We are a single Soul with two aspects – male and female. The male name is FENNIX and the female is FENIX. The full name of our entire Soul in spaces of This World sounds like FENNIX with focus on double “N”, and this sound coincides with the name of the male aspect.

Shiva’S Blue Throat

In an ancient tantric tradition, the supreme God Shiva was depicted with blue throat.
According to the legend, the demons and the demi-gods wishing to get the elixir of life had to team up and began to churn the ocean of life with a great mountain Meru.