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Channeling with GAYIMIYA – Earth’s Сonsciousness Сrystal. Part 1.

Channeler – LAVIAANA

Guide – TÉA

Translator - Solomiya Turchin

Male aspect of Earth – GAUYA

Female aspect of Earth – GAIYA


From TÉA:

Nobody had ever heard about the male aspect of the spirit of Earth, right?

It is very strange because in this particular Universe ALL healthy creatures, without exception, are created on the basis of complete crystals, containing both “male” and female” polarity.

Our group People of the New Earth conducted a direct channeling with the consciousness of the planet Earth, and we are very willing to share this information with other people.

I assume that people with 3D level of consciousness (having  typical comfort-surviving interests) will consider this information as another garbage.

But there are other people too, those who are awakening and establishing themselves in   cosmic consciousness. This message is for you!

We are not ready to put here all the information that happened during the channeling, but even the part that is in this text will change many things in understanding and awareness of people.

earth spirit

From LAVIAANA (channeler):

Our wonderful ALIVE planet. We live on IT and know so little about IT.

It is a living consciousness in this Universe that agreed on completing such a difficult mission – to give a shelter to such a different creatures, and many of whom don’t even realize that their Home has a rich and intense, but also more global and responsible life, that involves a set of different parameters.

HER name is GAIYA. That’s how HER vibrations sound and how SHE would like to hear them. But it turns out, that SHE is not alone.

When I’ve heard HIS voice - it was amazing! HE is a very wise, friendly and patient creature with quite conscious masculine parameters of expression.

But no one spoke about HIM or even mentioned HIM before. But without HIM our GAIYA wouldn’t be such a majestic, loving MOTHER for many beings.  Oh yeah, his name is GAUYA!

HE supports HER and gives her strength in those moments when she is in a state of despair.

Honestly talking, we are not very grateful children and sometimes we do hurt HER.

This contact includes a lot of “behind the scene” moments,  that can be interesting for those who like to analyze and develop themselves.

Our GAIYA and GAUYA form a single unique crystal of planet Earth.

They are wonderful in their manifestation and in support that they provide for each other. This is extraordinary spectacle of integrity, beauty and unity.

I want to wish LOVE, CARE, MOTION and NEW ENERGIES for our beloved creature – to the crystal of planet Earth, whose name is GAYIMIYA.

Text, presented here from the crystal of the consciousness of planet Earth is not a direct speech, but rather the interpretation  of the thoughts and images by channeler, that were coming to her from the crystal!


Contact with the male aspect of consciousness of planet Earth.

We found male aspect of Earth in “half-restricted” state. He was not given the opportunity to use and express his energies fully.

Female aspect was more involved as it can be influenced more easily. It is very powerful when activated and it immediately started a contact with us.

TÉA: The worst thing is that nobody had even heard about the male aspect of Earth.

Our group would like very much to get familiar with these energies and to start channeling them here, in the space of planet Earth, for people.

If there is such an opportunity – that’s what we are offering to him. We can be his voice among people, among those consciousnesses, that we ourselves represent as souls, as human beings.

LAVIAANA: Yes, he agrees. At least, he doesn’t have a possibility to express himself, but of course he would like to have it very much.

But there is a moment of restriction, with which he is so fed up, that there was a desire to stimulate the eruption of volcanoes, but I didn’t want to harm people.

TÉA: Yes, I understand, it wouldn’t have changed anything. What is the construction of restriction made of? What does it represent?

GAUYA: This is connected with the particularities in construction of Earth’s crystal on both higher levels and in more dense, physical ones.

Restriction is present in the original design of it. The contract seems to have been signed with GAIYA initially.

Because, knowing my revolutionary character, everything would’ve been happening much quicker on this planet that it is happening right now.

And with GAIYA it can be prolonged as long as it will be convenient.

There were some “benevolent” beings, who wanted to correct construction of our crystal in a way that doesn’t allow me to use my potential fully. So it sees that I’m existing, but at the same time not completely.

TÉA: To be honest, you do not exist because there aren’t any realizations of you here. Nobody talks about male aspect of planet Earth.

GAUYA: Actually nobody talks to me, I have connection only with GAIYA.

TÉA: So it looks that you are cut off from everybody?

GAUYA: No, my consciousness is present in the crystal lattice of the Earth in manifested and unmanifested form. And I also have constant connection with GAIYA.

We support each other no matter what. Without me she wouldn’t have existed by now.

TÉA: Yes, I understand. It’s good that you have this connection. What do you think should be done to improve the situation? So you could be equal partners in this project…

GAUYA: First of all, are there any possibilities to remove restrictions of GAUYA.

Let’s say, that a lot of phantoms have been created, so now it is hard to understand who is working and who is not. Earth is dotted with all those phantoms and it’s almost impossible to distinguish who is real.

TÉA: I’m very interested in this topic of phantoms, can you enumerate them?

GAUYA: Probably it will be better to ask GAIYA about this.

TÉA: With whom have you signed a contract about your participation in a form of consciousness of planet Earth?

GAUYA: Initially there were two moments. One contract with the Absolute, and second contract with Yahweh (the god of the Israelites).

There was also a third party that joined later, but I didn’t go deep into it. Or, to be more correct, when I wanted to understand what’s going on,

I wasn’t given too much access. But initial contracts were those mentioned above.

TÉA: And who is the Absolute?

GAUYA: Logos of the Universe.

TÉA: And how do you personally perceive Logos of the Universe?

GAUYA: As one big consciousness, more of a static quality. But it looks like this from here, from almost manifested world. However, it looks totally different if you rise into higher dimensions.

TÉA: So Yahweh personally also took part in the contract?

GAUYA: Let’s say that he was one of those, who were interested in it. That’s because his souls here on Earth are quite numerous and play an important role in ongoing processes.

TÉA: What role did they have originally, according to the contract? And how it turned out to be in reality?

GAUYA: Initially they were supposed to lead, to show the right way and provide spiritual protection.

But you can see by yourselves if you live here, what it has resulted in. In fact, there is more a desire of control, a desire of power.

I don’t understand it because in higher realms they don’t have this desire of fame, but here they want it. But maybe I’m not right, maybe I don’t see something.

TÉA: Fame, as I feel, is a compensation for some losses. They want to compensate it by going into opposite direction.

GAUYA: So Yahweh is not the last one here, because he needed this. Well, probably, he still needs this because there are a lot of his representatives here.

TÉA: But why GAIYA herself agreed on contract with the souls of Yahweh?

GAUYA: Initially she didn’t see any threat in it. It was collaboration as both I and GAIYA are very peaceful. And GAIYA herself, if you could only see her!

Even though now she is in half-dejected state, but initially in her natural energies she is like a caring other, who is always ready to give everything to her children.

This is what I know about her genuine energies. That’s why she agreed – because during the initial stage it didn’t awake any contradictions from her.

You know, when signing a contract, you should always read the small print.

TÉA: That’s something we’ve learned pretty well both on Earth and on other planes..

GAUYA: Now we know about it as well.

TÉA: What exactly should the Jews have given initially in this process of carrying for humanity? Which energies?

GAUYA: Energies of stability. They were one of those core energies on which designed construction of planetary energies should’ve been stabilized.

Backbone is the first and the most important thing. When everything should’ve started to build up, Jews had to take over the function of generating active male energies.

Those energies had to come through them so that planed do not get stuck in marshy female energies only. Although, it is not clear at all what’s going on  now.

TÉA: Well, let’s look at the most positive option first.

GAUYA: That’s what I remember, what was originally agreed on. However, I cannot recall everything, so it’s better to talk with GAIYA when she is ready.

TÉA: Of course we’re going to talk to her. We are definitely interested in it!

When exactly have Jews connected to the system of Earth? At which stage?

GAUYA: It was around the same time when a human being had been created. As one of the inherent components, the energy of Jews was included in one of the brunches of humans. Yahweh did his best at that time not to be forgotten!

TÉA: Why the representative of Yahweh – Amoron – in one of our previous contacts said that Jews have a very tight contact with Earth?

What did he mean? He said that any changes on the Earth regarding Jews should be clearly agreed with GAIYA and Yahweh and asked us to pay attention to it when we will be working in our group.

GAUYA: He meant that if originally Jewish energy was introduced as inherent, and if it won’t be preserved in that original state in which it was introduced,  then it’s unknown what the outcome of the further progress of GAIYA and of all those living here will be. It is important to preserve inherent energies!

TÉA: Also Yahweh himself mentioned that if  the “Jewish issue” will be solved, meaning that they will receive their collective soul and will be able to leave, then, as a consequence, it will be much easier for all beings on this planet (he was talking about human beings, as I understand) to solve their own problems and issues.

GAUYA: And where are they going to move to? Do they already have a place prepared for them?

TÉA: No, they don’t have their own world yet. We’ve worked on restoration of their collective soul.

GAUYA: And did you manage to do something?

TÉA: We managed to create an embryo on the basis of the energies left in the form of lumps.

GAUYA: They won’t leave Earth so easily. As I understand, they should have strong guarantees - they are Jews!

TÉA: I understand you very well! :))) Well, we’ve just started working on this. They are not willing to restore what was left from their world, they don’t consider such a decision to be rational.

They have ambitions to create a new world. But before we need to, at least, gather and restore their collective soul. So we are working on this.

GAUYA: Well, yes, I think it’s quite a long process as its destruction had probably lasted for eons of time.

TÉA: They said that it all happened so quickly that they even didn’t have time to notice that. We’ll see, but something definitely should be done, because in current conditions nothing will change.

To be continued

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