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Channeling with GAYIMIYA – Earth’s Сonsciousness Сrystal. Part 2.

Channeler – LAVIAANA

Guide – TÉA

Translator - Elena Krymskaya

Male aspect of Earth – GAUYA

Female aspect of Earth – GAIYA



It’s time for people to throw away their naïve childish ideas that in subtle levels beyond human physical one everything is perfect and heavenly well.

Do you remember the embellishment – what is up is what is down?

Look at our “down”, it’s a pure reflection of “up”. It’s perfectly true that the universe is multidimensional and everything in it is interdependent as in one organism.

That is the second argument to understand the point that problems common for all humankind are not a result of purely human delusions.

Little children also believe that their parents are all-mighty, most perfect, most real and the only “gods” in the world.

Until they grow up and realize that grown-ups even the closest ones are not perfect and ideal, they all have lots of weak points and problems.

It’s only your choice to stay in childhood or to start growing. You realize that grown-ups have wider range of abilities than any child, don’t you?

Text from Earth’s consciousness crystal is not a direct speech, but a channeler interpretation of thought forms and images going from the crystal into words.



Contact with female aspect of Earth’s consciousness crystal.

TÉA: I would like to welcome GAIYA. It’s about time for us to communicate. Me, like TEA, bring my apologies for not having direct contact, I was palmed off with phantoms.

This is my stupidity, I’m also learning to survive in this space. If you can and if you want to see my human life, I really admire everything you’ve created here, and I do love your nature. Well, it’s difficult with people, but…

LAVIAANA (channeler): I get image of roe deer from GAAIYA.

TÉA: Yes, we hear each other (laughing) roe deers – this is a small world of my patrimony (Jaunstirnas is translated like “young roe deers” from Latvian), and there’re roe deers. Contact made! Maybe you feel like telling something on your behalf?

GAIYA: The energies are very pleasant to me, they are benevolent and so in one piece, as I’m used to feel here from many; wishing to create something, not to destroy.

I’d like to contact with such energies on Earth more often. There are not many such energies that I can gather together and they are very invigorating for me.

TÉA: That is why me, like TEA, wanted to contact with you to remind through my integrity about your energies of integrity so you could collect them easier, so you could remember in my presence about your integrity.

GAIYA: To tell the truth, I’m so tired…

TÉA: I hear it, I know it…

GAIYA: And I can’t break the contract and I don’t know how to speed it up to step to another stage which is easier.

TÉA: Let’s start today unwinding this ball of yarn, I understand you very well.

Secondly, now you have opportunity to see through me, because now I’m in physical body, with the eyes of people, how we see everything happening in your body.

You’ll have one more picture – perspective of events, vision of it. As a scanner I can give you and you can request any information, and consequently I can pass you the information from people. Now you with my help or any member of our group have chance to talk directly to humankind. We open this channel for you personally.

GAIYA: I don’t know how to remove all the negative from the Earth faster, because here there is such a mess of wars, regular infightings in different corners of the planet.

TÉA: The wars are provoked because people have childish consciousness and they don’t realize who they really are.

They are creatures who don’t remember their roots and consequently they don’t remember and don’t understand their destination as of a creation.

That is why they are as lost souls tear around and looking for someone who can tell them about it.

They are told different nonsense which they start to believe and bend under programs squeezed into their consciousness.

I can see your request both as a human and non-human – the more people understand the reality of situation, the more information they have about themselves, about all humankind, about planet as about parts of a big space system – the easier the changes will go.

Of course, at the beginning there will be fear and distrust, everyone passes through it, but the truth heals. The truth puts your mind in place, it streams it into right direction. I’m interested in that truth to be known undistorted, the way it’s really is, let it be painful, but we should start somewhere.

We should explain people where they really are and to take off rose-coloured spectacles regarding ascension and all the rest.

GAIYA: And what do people know about ascension?

TÉA: There are two polarities. One sounds like this: “This is all nonsense, there is only life, we should focus on livelihood, you can feel hot and cold, there is only physical aspect and nothing more.

And there is second: “Oh, it’s so great that the God remembered about us, now great photon rays from galactic center of Great Central Sun will descend, clean us all and ascent to some high, beautiful land of Paradise”.

GAIYA: The truth, as usual, is somewhere in between.

TÉA: Exactly. During the last year I was telling the truth very carefully, but now I want to stop speaking in equivoques and to tell as it really is.

GAIYA: Yes, it’s a great idea, because we need to start somewhere. It might make things move, though I don’t know how fast.

TÉA: Why are you in a hurry? What’s time-frame? What does scare you? I realize that destructions scare. Who can push this destruction “button”, what forces?

GAIYA: There are no external forces as they are. I’m afraid that my forces will exhaust.

TÉA: Is this the only parameter or something from outside that you don’t control can push you?

GAIYA: I see my one-sided state and can’t exist in integrity.

TÉA: If GAUYA connects, you’ll feel much better.

GAIYA: Yes, but at this moment it’s impossible, because it’ll provoke major destructions.

TÉA: If we help you to get rid of programs he enumerated?

GAIYA: It wouldn’t solve everything.

TÉA: Which way do you think is the best?

GAIYA: Very many things here are knotted at the common field of being’s consciousness, living on Earth, both human and non.

TÉA: We’ll deal with human ones more or less, and non-humans – who are they?

GAIYA: Now due to planes’ shift, for example, plane of elements is moving to physical plane, physical to astral and so forth, the creatures from the lower words manifest themselves and are incorporated into common field of consciousness.

TÉA: So there happens blend of planes because of the shift?

GAIYA: Yes, time separating walls are growing thin and those creatures who used to live in parallel reality and access to the EARTH to whom was closed before now appear.

Thus happens blend of different types of consciousness which are absolutely incompatible.

TÉA: I have following question – it’s not the first shift at the Universe, why isn’t it regulated at all?

GAIYA: It can’t be regulated here. If vibratory level increases on the physical plane it leads to increase of energy volume, and these energy volumes captivate other spaces.

Yes, it’s not the first shift, but I haven’t had such an experience as shift of planet consciousness. For me everything happens for the first time.

TÉA: I’m not very good at the manifested worlds, I understand that planet creation is a long process, and it passes many different stages and transformations. When exactly did you and GAUYA become Earth’s consciousness, at which stage?

GAIYA: When Absolute started creation of human beings. First they were created and after all the planetary system to suite them – water, crystal mineral rocks, flora and fauna.

When people firmed from subtle bodies into more solid ones.

TÉA: And then you were called?

GAIYA: Sure, because there was need in such conscious inside which they could exist securely.

At that moment people related to their childish period and it was a difficult time for them; supporting spirits were helping them already.

TÉA: Such information as what was on planet before people is unknown. There were other creatures as consciousness.

GAIYA: I know in general terms without details. The planet was in subtle substance. There were radiant creatures who didn’t need solid bodies.

TÉA: Was it also humanoid form?

GAIYA: They looked like people but without subtle bodies because they didn’t need them, because they haven’t had such difficult experiences.

TÉA: Which vibrational range did they have at that moment? At which dimensions were they functioning?

GAIYA: 4th and 5th, but at the parallel reality where they are now.

TÉA: Are those elves?

GAIYA: There was one civilization, which underwent similar experience and didn’t firm up.

But elves also had some difficulties, though they haven’t experienced personalization into people. There was some failure. Yes, it’s one of the civilizations.

TÉA: Which other civilizations except elves?

GAIYA: Yes, there were 3-4 similar projects who didn’t go into firming up, like people did. I can’t tell you now their names, but there are such.

TÉA: Let’s take elves, for example. I understand that this question is not to you, but more my thoughts aloud.

We were told that the radiant ones learned their lessons successfully and didn’t firm up as modern people.

But at the moment elves are facing major problems, how can we consider that they learned their lessons?

GAIYA: No, it’s not like this. They haven’t learnt lessons like people, that means they didn’t firm up like people.

TÉA: I understand that. I mean their personal lessons, in their personal life, in their worlds.

On the one hand, the information was delivered so that radiant are doing great, and what is at the current moment?

GAIYA: The delivery is so that part of them is quite alright, but another part has some omissions. And they also were part of a Divine plan.

TÉA: Are there non-Divine projects at this Universe?


TÉA: Really? Oh, can you give some more details, can you give any example?

GAIYA: These are numerous bunches at the near-earth space of so called grey substance.

TÉA: These must be leftovers from something unsuccessful or the bunches were created for purpose?

GAIYA: Not exactly leftovers. This is screw from lower words also, lower than 3rd dimension. Such leftovers also wander at the near-earth space.

And those who appeared from nowhere, those who represent themselves as unstated leaderships on Earth.

TÉA: Reptiloids?

GAIYA: They among others, there are many kinds, I will not enumerate all of them.

TÉA: Reptiloids, masons, illuminati…there are many of them, I’m not good at them also.

GAIYA: Yes, there are many of them unfortunately. And they are not Divine variant. Some have these mixed energies; some have energies that are initially formed.

And if they are firmed, you understand that they cannot rise high. There are also some negative creatures which exist very firm in lower levels.

TÉA: Are these the same Divine projects that got firm to that extent that now they are covered with grey cocoons?

GAIYA: Yes, grey, brown. There are so many of them that you can try to understand them for a very long time and get stuck there yourself.

TÉA: Have they already existed when you entered as a planetary creature?

GAIYA: No, It all was happening in the process. When I was pressed much, I had to get into details of cleansing processes.

TÉA: And how deep can you influence the presence of such creatures on Earth?

GAIYA: At the beginning I had much deeper influence, but now I don’t have feeling that my voice matters.

TÉA: That’s the key point! Who stops you from showing what you can do and show your voice?

GAIYA: Firmed low-vibrational energies of creatures populating my space.

TÉA: So you speak but you are not heard because the space is filled with these energies?


TÉA: There is no direct influence like “shut up”?

GAIYA: No, you see, I can make volcano eruption, but it won’t bring many changes.

TÉA: Is this the way to talk?

GAIYA: My other half from time to time whispers to me: “We’ve got stuck here, how long are we going to stay here?” Well, still staying.

TÉA: Which channels of communication should be “health” initially? Except volcanoes, for it’s too much.

You should have direct link with those who come here and do something.

GAIYA: No one could have thought that such a mess of absolutely different ways of consciousness would appear here. No one expected that at the beginning.

TÉA: What kind of link with people there should have been, if all the project is for them?

GAIYA: It should have been through their divine channels, they have been more or less clean initially.

Those first people who firmed from subtle bodies despite the fact that they (their consciousness) were in childhood, but their bodies were pure and they were connected to One collective consciousness.

They could hear when they were addressed to through Conscious – their link channel with Universal Logos.

Later when they formed and started their life on Earth, the common channel worked. But the firmer they became – the more vibrational distortions and diffusion appeared.

TÉA: And what about initial collective consciousness – was it one identity? Who were those first people?

GAIYA: The souls that exist now they are half-closed or half-cut, though now there is tendency to expansion.

First people could hear their collective male and collective female consciousness.

TÉA: What kind of integral identity was it? Don’t you know?

GAIYA: No, I don’t. I saw them when they were separate people realizing their collective consciousness – they’ve still heard their conscious.

TÉA: So, when people began to reproduce through sexual intercourse, physically, the links with common consciousness began to destroy?

GAIYA: Yes, because mechanism of a person began its work, as a survival mechanism.

TÉA: What is it made of? Who created it or it’s a self-created one?

GAIYA: I don’t know, it was promoted most probably. I don’t think people could have guessed by themselves.

TÉA: So it’s an artificial program?

GAIYA: It’s a program for no doubts which works only in thick physical space.

TÉA: The author is unknown?

GAIYA: I wouldn’t tell you know, but if to take a deeper look into my memory, probably I’ll find something there.

TÉA: To know at least who initiated the idea that such mechanism is required.

GAIYA: People began to firm, at the same time there was free will, then mechanism of a “person” was born.

TÉA: So free will meant that person could choose between vision through Absolute or his own, personal vision.

GAIYA: Yes, person is connected to free will, it’s a link in the chain “firming – free will”.

I need to go deeper to my memory for I can’t tell right now who was the author – creator of a person.

TÉA: Yes, I would be grateful if during our next contact we could discuss this topic with more information. Please check when a person was created.

Because it’s the mechanism that blocks channel of soul and channel of memory and also all that beautiful that soul carries.

Person – is such a structure that really strangles and doesn’t allow people to wake up and move switch to other vibration.

GAIYA: I noticed how much negativity appeared alone with personality. It works as blind plug.

TÉA: Exactly as a blind plug. That’s the reason why it’s important to understand the roots – where they are from. I’m looking for those who constantly introduce distortion into the creations.

GAIYA: To tell the truth for all time of existence contact with you is the first conversation when I’m heard at least.

TÉA: How has all the system on Earth been working up to now? How is that possible?:

GAIYA: Hard to tell because I see on a global scale without dwelling into details and I find it hard to make judgment about the process in general.

TÉA: Wow…How come that you are still alive?

GAIYA: Like this, supporting each other.

TÉA: You have such high survival rate. On the one hand it’s very pleasant that you are still alive because in such conditions I can’t imagine how is it possible to save integral part of yourself.

How is it possible to work with creations?

This is not a pretension to you. I don’t want to express regret because it will be low vibrations again, but to tell the truth, I admire you endurance.

How is it possible to assume that there is no support in creation, I don’t understand that?

GAIYA: Occasionally someone was sent, someone tried to do something, it was also considered as help.

TÉA: How can you work like this? You were just sent someone, someone more authorized, let’s call it so, with a larger volume of energy and you had to accept what you were suggested.

Have you been asked if it’s worth applying new system invented by someone to apply at what already exists?

GAIYA: It was considered that I’m not so vibrationally high as those who descended here.

TÉA: I understand what you are talking about. The idea that “they know it better from above”.

And I always say that “downs” know better, because live in it, and above just dream up, it’s just their illusions.

But this is my position. Of course it’s possible to create some programs above but they should always be agreed with the ones who implement them in lower densities, who really work at this area.

There can’t be and shouldn’t be other options. How is it possible to make a contract only with one part of crystal?

GAIYA: It was supposed that the second part will take part unspoken, but in the situation existing here, it was impossible in full scale.

TÉA: Ok, I can right now during our contact to suggest you help.

GAIYA: What kind of help?

TÉA: I was creating capsule with TEA energy which was destined for you only.

There were efforts to steal in different ways, fobbing of idea that “now Gaya is in state of a 3 year old child, TEA is a very valuable energy and we’ll keep it till the moment she is ready to take it”. The capsule was stolen but I managed to return it back.

GAIYA: How did you manage to save it?

TÉA: These are my abilities, regards from my Absolute. I returned it back and said that it’s destined for Gaiya only, and you are the only one who can take it, touch it and to control the energy.

As far as I understand you didn’t get the capsule?

GAIYA: Do you feel now my wounds?


To be continued


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