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Author  New Earth People
Translator Elena Krymskaya

channelingsWhat is channeling?

At the moment the Internet is overfilled with channelings from various sources. So, what is channeling?

You probably remember that predictions regarding Age change (millennium 2000) promised people of Earth lots of contacts with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Out of habit we were expecting UFO or at least starships on the Earth’s orbit, humanoids (or not really) wearing spacesuits and other similar attributes.

But people still can’t understand that human form of existence is rather an exception from intelligence-life manifestation at the Universe than a rule.

Sure, there exist different physical (material) worlds, but their inhabitant’s level of consciousness doesn’t differ much from that one of humans, so we can hardly give anything to each other.

All the rest forms of intelligence, higher developed civilizations, exist in different vibrational energy flow which can be called subtle world in relation to Earth’s surface.

Some of their representatives take part in the earth experiment called “humankind” and moreover they are elements of it.

Nowadays, at the time of great changes in the Matrix of the Earth the intercommunication between our worlds is processing through all possible channels. Habitants of subtle world of high (top) level will not materialize in our physical space.

Its vibratory level is unbearable for them. You may ask person to fully integrate into the rock with the same result.

They also are not going to occupy someone’s mental or astral body for it’s an invasion into someone’s energy system and this act violates free will of persons caring the bodies.

That’s the reason why the system of contacts through Channelers – people with clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairgnosis was invented.

You must surely understand that souls of these people are this way or another connected with particular civilizations of subtle words; they are their representatives in flesh having a mission to be a channel between different layers of the Universe.

The process of data communication is called channeling, and people doing it are called Channellers.

So all the predictions came true! At this unique time your essence can meet and communicate with representatives of different civilizations both physically embodied (from closer dimensions) and energetically via Channellers through Earth's energy field.

Another issue is that more developed as compared to humankind civilizations have their own vector of development. And far from always these vectors fall in with people of Earth interests (for instance, people of Earth also reclaim Mars or Moon, but not in the interests of Mars or Moon).

That is why the information going through Channellers can be both constructive and destructive, or it can be mix of these energies in different proportions.

It’s nonsense that a couple of “scabbed sheep” can mar the reputation of the whole “flock”. By that reason we decided to post here only those channelings that were reviewed by us vibrationally and carry maximum useful for people information in an easy accessible form.

Don’t be shy to read it, to watch, to listen, learn and change yourself! Give links to other people. We are responsible not for ourselves only, but for contribution to all humankind development.

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