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Cultural Exchange Between Worlds. Keepers Of The Akashic Records.

akashik recordsContacts with Beings from Higher Realms

During the process of communication and work with beings from very different worlds and dimensions and the establishment of closer contact with them, our relations were becoming more friendly and open.

Though it can seem a bit strange for people who are used to more emotional and straightforward type of personal expression, in this Universe such type of behavior was not welcomed.

Instead, there are a lot of conditions, preliminary agreements, whereas intimate, personal communication is not usual at all.

Simply human phrase “Hello, how are you?” is perceived as something out of the place.

The best response that we could expect was “Oh, are you from the Earth?Clear. Okay, that we’ll be more patient to you…". The fact that we are from the Earth is like the diagnosis.

Such behavior has been developing over eons of years because those worlds have experienced too much damage, invasions and other manipulations.

Beings became distrustful, trembling from any personal interest showing towards them from strangers.

All are very suspicious of any activity towards their direction. Curious spirits are not welcome.

Of course, they appear to be polite on the outside, they answer all the questions that are strict to the topic and are quite responsive overall. But the entry to private space is prohibited.

However, with some of the beings we were able to establish a closer contact. Of course, it took some time, but it was worth and they turned out to be nice guys!

Each of them had their own background, many of them with bunch personal problems which they were not used to share and which they don’t even acknowledge to themselves.

But at the same time they showed to have enormous creative potential.

I cannot stop to be amazed when during our interaction beings offer unique solutions to problems, create unusual instruments of task solving or bring us some simple, bud creative energetic gifts.

Though previously many of them typically were living following the instructions or established templates and didn’t go beyond their duties that their hierarchy set for them, but after communication with our “reckless group of humans” in a totally unacceptable for them format of interaction they’ve experienced a surprising delight from themselves.

"Cultural exchange" between the worlds

Here, we decided to share a few moments of our conversations (with the preservation of anonymity out of respect for the personal information of each being).

We think that a little "cultural exchange" between the worlds will not damage the consciousness of humanity and not only.

Host - TÉA

Channeler –  LAVIAANA

Text – Arina


(After a long talk about serious issues)

KEEPER: Let’s talk about something more funny now.

TÉA: Oh, let’s talk! I’ve been recently told…I can only imagine with horror how my behavior was looking from your prospective.

Let me explain what I mean. The thing is that we, as humans, have a habit of “sudden emotional expressions”.

KEEPER: (both are laughing as they are reading in advance from TÉA’s field what she is going to talk about) Well, go on!

TÉA: We enjoy it so much, with spontaneous expression of emotions life has a better taste.

And now I understand that probably in your fields there were too much of such spontaneous expressions from me (I’m not talking about negative outbursts, but about usual emotions that people show during their interaction).

KEEPER: Well, yes!

TÉA: Ok, I’ve exaggerated a bit, fine…I want to apologize, I just didn’t understand it! Well, one part of me…one that is out there…knew that such  behavior is not acceptable.

I knew that there is a whole layer of worlds where beings express their feelings quiet reservedly and don’t show their emotions too much as it’s considered to be very energy-consuming.

But since I have no problems with energy, I’m interested in all forms of expression that create energy swirls. All in all, I exaggerated with expressing my emotions in your energy field.

But I’m just wondering how you felt it? How uncomfortable were my outbursts during our first contacts?

KEEPER: You didn’t always behave in the same way. You were a very business-oriented being sometimes. Emotions? Well, that’s true that you exaggerated a bit.

Here I want to mention another point – often behind the emotions phantoms are being hidden (energetic programs that are aimed to affect other beings)

TÉA: I didn’t know! Come on, tell us more!

KEEPER: They are, in fact, constructed on the basis of emotions. It’s like this because when a being expresses emotions, it loses control over itself. It has no impassivity and doesn’t see any additional formations that may appear in its energy field

TÉA: I understand what you mean. That’s horrible! I can only imagine how much effort you had to put in before in order to check just in case whether there are any phantoms behind my emotions.

And I didn’t know what to think! I’m standing in front of you with open energy field (showing all the emotions openly)…And you are getting more and more tense…I can’t understand what is going on! :)))))

KEEPER: Well, now we are a bit more relaxed with that. We’ve showed you our true faces, our real energies. But we still don’t have such outbursts as you have.

TÉA: Well, no one requires it from you. You are totally accepted as you are.

LAVIAANA (Channeler): Yes, the picture was interesting. Have you also seen it in that way? (Laughing).That’s so funny how you’ve described those tense faces wanting to see what is hiding behind your back!

TÉA: That amazes me the most often! :)) It seems that in these matrices of manifested worlds everything must be so simple.

I express myself, I open my energy fields with very simple motivations, direct a transparent, but everyone’s reaction to this is so complicated. Even though I didn’t have such intentions.

LAVIAANA (Channeler): All of them run away! :)))

TÉA: Yes! All are running away! And some of the vibrations coming from them can be read as internal question: “What do you want from us? Explain!” I’m saying: “Guys, I don’t want anything! Let’s just talk. Look at me, I’m very simple…”

KEEPER: Well, now imagine following situation: a voluminous being is coming to you, and when it also starts to add emotions to its volume – then it becomes an enormous monster.

TÉA: But now when we are laughing - those are also the emotions?

KEEPER: Yes, these are emotions. But here we remember what the emotions are. The issue is that we are not used to express them.

We’ve elaborated impassivity. Do you remember from where we’ve started our conversation? Therefore, we understand emotions.

However, in these matrices where emotions are not accepted, showing them looks as something suspicious. But since we understand that human beings cannot do otherwise – we make them allowances for it.

TÉA: I very much feel like saying: “Throw away all your limitations and simply start to live!” I want to say it not only to you personally, but to everyone in this matrix of manifested worlds.

Because, in my opinion, emotions is the very taste of life! If there are no emotions, then life becomes tasteless and boring.

KEEPER: No, life is tasteless and boring when there are no feelings.

TÉA: Emotions are born on feelings.

KEEPER: But we know how to feel… I hope so :)))

TÉA: To suppress – yes! This is something that you know how to do! I see that you are specialists in it :))))

KEEPER: No, we don’t suppress.

TÉA: Then what do you do?

KEEPER: We are balancing somewhere in the middle.

TÉA: Well, yes. A smart distribution of energy.

KEEPER: Don’t you like it?

TÉA: No, I’m not judging, I’m just examining different ways of experiencing life.

KEEPER: I feel a slight disappointment from you.

TÉA: NO, this is not disappointment in you specifically. This is….How to explain…Oh, so many thoughts at once.

KEEPER: Well, throw out all the thoughts! :)))

TÉA : At first they need to be formulated somehow into a more logical chain. Well, ok! Let me put it all into a kind of fairytale.

Well, maybe not a fairytale, but more of a story, where I can include all those thoughts. Look…Now I’m not talking about the exact replica of this matrix, but I’m just expressing my abstract reasoning  so nobody is offended.

For example, I will say: “Keepers, let’s go into another world, not from this matrix, but in totally different world”. And you take luggage with all your experience, with all that you’ve gone through and we are going there together to learn the new and unknown.

We arrive and can see other people living there, we can see different worlds with their own system of existence. But we are intelligent, educated, cultured beings.

We don’t break into their matrices. We are carefully standing, don’t moving, but just examining what is happening around. We ask permissions for every step in order not to harm anyone by accident.

Then we are starting to make first attempts of interaction with consciousness of this matrix. And when this interaction takes place, we understand that nobody actually hears us.

When you are saying, for example, a very long, energetic phrase, but only 1-2-3 aspects of this phrase are being caught and heard whereas everything else just passes through their ears.

Beings from another matrix simply cannot perceive it. Good, then you can try to play in different way – through energy vortices.

to be continued...

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