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Delegation of centers (chakras)

Translator Solomiya Turchin

There is another type of attachments – delegation of centers. It is reflected in the fact that one person is regularly transmitting to another not only energy of particular center, but also a part of abilities and skills associated with it. It means to rely on somebody regarding a certain question.

Let’s take as an example a married couple. Husband earns money for the family. Wife, naturally, is interested in an increase of income of his husband and in prosperity of his business.

She expresses her interest through the stable nourishment of her husband’s solar plexus or Manipur. The quality of energy depends on the extent to which wife’s center is developed.

So what does she do? She regularly sends approval, help and intervention through action.

Husband increases the volume of his Manipur. He works harder and more effectively and earns money for two people. While realizing himself through Manipur, he accumulates new qualities and skills.

At the same time wife does not realize herself through Manipur and, though, she receives material part, her Manipur weakens over the years due to the decrease of energy and non-use of chakra.

I have a friend who cannot realize herself in a society for many years. Not having enough energy in this center, she even cannot fully decide what she wants to do and how it may look like.

Wife’s dependence on her husband increases. It makes her worry in more about the affairs of her husband and takes away the energy.

I can provide my own example.

I had a similar situation in my life. Living in a couple, I delegated approval, inspiration and physical help to my husband.

Such a situation continued even when we separated. I still kept delegating energy through solar plexus and heart chakras. Accordingly, I didn’t take responsibility for myself.

The inflow of money was bad even though I kept investing my forces into it.

Integral Manipur means, among other, ability to take responsibility for one’s own life.

In the example of the couple with Manipur delegation, the sign that delegation has occurred is that wife is not concerned with her husband about money if such problems occur. If the same happens with her, it means that the delegation didn’t occur.

Delegation actually means the refusal of direct use. It can happen in any of the centers.

If a person is unable to find impressions, good feelings or enjoy his/her life, a substitute to it will certainly be offered. This person will not acquire a new experience and the energy will be wasted.

I’m concentrating on this in such details because the energy of sexual center is basic for all the other centers and human life in general. It is the source.

We use the energy of sexual center when we are having sex, create or simply quarrel with other person. The energy is the same, but the experience is different.

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