Difference between woman having sex with one partner and multiple partners (fragment of online seminar SEX and SPIRITUALITY by LAVIAANA)

Translator Solomiya Turchin


The idea is that if the energy of the man is considered to be active, donating, and that of woman – passive and receptive, male energies should come from above and female – from below.

So it turns out that a woman should receive divine energy during the sex from man, through his masculine origin.

Having one partner, she gets through him the attunement for a divine ray.

And if the partners change frequently, it leads to the imbalance in woman’s body because each man has his own energetic characteristics.

As a result, the body begins to wear off and various diseases start to appear.
The analogy can be made with an electrical device that is designed for specific voltage. When it’s used with the socket of different voltage – it burns out.

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