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How to enter Akashic Records

Channeler – LAVIAANA
(contact fragments)
Translator - Yevgeniya Novikova

Akashic RecordsTÉA: And how is your knowledge of time used in the Akashic Records?

TIME KEEPER: Some beings, who believe that their time is divided into the past, present and future come (smiling) and start pestering me…

TÉA: (laughing). Don’t point your finger please!

TIME KEEPER: Hey, I'm not implying anything!

TÉA: I’m kidding (smiling). OK, so what?

TIME KEEPER: So I tell them what they used to have before and what they have now. They see it this way.

TÉA: You spread it over time, don’t you?

TIME KEEPER: They think I'm not shocked at all.

TÉA: (laughing) Nice joke!

TIME KEEPER: If I told them they would bulge their eyes: what are you speaking about?

TÉA: «Everything you are asking about your future, you have already gone through», that’s what you mean?

TIME KEEPER: Yes, these things as well. Some beings come here all by themselves, hanging around like lunatics.

Not everyone of course. There are some competent ones, that’s OK. So they come in and besides that they cannot even enter the correct chamber…

TÉA: (laughing).

TIME KEEPER: No, really, he came in and he wants to see all the doors open and time keepers rushing in and giving him whatever he wants on a silver platter. Do you say it this way?

TÉA: (smiling). Oh, yes.

TIME KEEPER: We give and tell everything, laying it out for them. They are rather weird anyway. They cannot hear or see anything; still they strive to enter our place.  There are lots of such people, by the way.

TÉA: But how do they actually get in?

TIME KEEPER: They express their intention and their guardian guides somehow manage to move them here.

And that’s all, they are blind anyway.  They start pestering us: “I want to know, I want to know”. But they cannot hear anything.

TÉA: And what do we do for them to hear?

TIME KEEPER: Oh, we have discussed it many times, meeeemory or something…

TÉA: (laughing).

TIME KEEPER: …mature spirits, immature spirits. How can you fix it quickly if it does not work anyway?

TÉA: By the way, while we are on the subject…OK, people complaint that they cannot get into the place they want to and find the information they are interested in.

That’s why they break in as best they can – all the things you have just told about. But which way do you want it to happen?

TIME KEEPER: Actually we want to see the beings who understand where and what for to go, at list who can feel something. I mean we are not able to stick our vision onto the humans who are not mature enough.

TÉA: I  understand.

TIME KEEPER: I mean we are ready to communicate with cultural people respectfully, not those ones who kick the door open, as you say.

Some people demand: «I just want it the way I want it». We never even show up in this case. They actually start pounding and try to break into everything they can.

They believe they are allowed to act this way. They think that it is recognized and spelled out for them, since we keep their records here. Still, you see, politeness applies in our realms too.

TÉA: All right, well, let’s map out in details how to approach Akashi? I’ll communicate these rules to people, OK?

TIME KEEPER: Okay! I agree.

TÉA: Go on. Let’s write it down.

TIME KEEPER: All right, where do we start?

TÉA: Well, then there is a man, and all at once he wants… Not all at once, of course, as he is so sick of his life that he stopped understanding what was going on.

His Spirit does not understand what to do or how to do. I mean the embodied part of his Spirit. And this person is absolutely disoriented. He is trying to figure out what is going on.

That’s why he needs information. Once he heard about some knowledge assets that are called Akashic Records.

TIME KEEPER: First of all, let it be known that Akashic Records is not a place to break in.

TÉA: (laughing). All right, we’ll make that clear.

TIME KEEPER: Tact and courtesy must be present everywhere. Even though we have something, we are not obliged to give anything.

I say that for persistent humans who demand information whatever it takes.

TÉA: Okay.

TIME KEEPER: It will be good for them to meet their guides at first.

TÉA: Тhat is the point: they cannot hear their guides either.

TIME KEEPER: That’s really something. So, what do you want from me?

TÉA: Me? I do not want anything from you for sure.

TIME KEEPER: Just kidding.

TÉA: Me too (smiling). I mean, I actually trying to find some ways to connect unconnectable things (laughing).

TIME KEEPER: There is nothing to do here without awareness. A man can express such wishes, that he’ll have everything done before he even enters Akashi.

TÉA: Yes, I’ve been told of such cases. A person thinks he is at the Akashic Records, and in fact there are some grey amorphous beings around him…

TIMEKEEPER: If you are not able to see where you are going and who are you talking to, you can get into such interactions and such wishes, that you will have to mop up the mess for ages afterwards.

That is, there is nothing for you to do here if you do not possess at least minimal feeling, not speaking about seeing, even feeling will do.

Nevertheless we are very friendly and open to dialogue. And do not forget about phantoms please.

TÉA: Phantoms of yourselves shown to people to mislead them?

TIME KEEPER: They can easily run into them on approaches to Akashi. Phantoms can be in those spaces where people are trying to break into thinking that they are dealing with US but actually with  phantoms.

Frankly speaking, I am at a loss to figure out how to connect those who cannot see or hear…While the Soul is not awakened, one can hardly do anything.

TÉA: Well, I understand your point of view. So, you see, people are still at the stage they are for that very reason, the lack of awareness. And they lack awareness because they lack information.

And they cannot get any information about themselves, their memory is closed. At least they try to ask somebody what they had before and what they will have further (smiling), as they are asking you...

TIME KEEPER: It’s much better to ask what is spelled out in their current baseline, rather than what they had in the past and what they will have in the future.

That thing would be more sign if I can't force them to start being in touch with themselves more clearly.

TÉA: Confirm. That’s right.

TIME KEEPER: And the other things will get out afterwards. As it’s strange to see them running and picking up their past events. Sometimes these “past events” can cloud their mind even more than before.

TÉA: The point is we  have a mind built on linear basis here …

TIME KEEPER: I understand now why you started this conversation about time and the way it works here.

TÉA: So we are not able to understand our present before we open our memory of the past.

TIME KEEPER: It seems so.

TÉA: Look. I start to understand something here. When a person lives Today only, I mean here and now, not remembering his past, then he lacks a great part of memory and is not able to grasp the idea of multidimensionality therefore.

TIME KEEPER: Yes, for sure.

TÉA: So when he receives information about his conditional past, even not by himself, but confirmed by others, his awareness is restored through getting these memories.

That is, he can reach out to the segment that was completely out of his attention before.

TIME KEEPER: And you know, the baseline, determining why a person is hanging out here…hang out, I’ve found an interesting phrase in your field… the baseline can give him a hint what he is here for, why he is here. That stems from his past experience. That’s a direct correlation.

TÉA: You bet! That’s why everybody asks about their past record.

TIME KEEPER: But why not to start from the other side? What am I here for? Then you will get your past experience explained, won’t you?

To be continued

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