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I and my Being. Who chose a partner to make love with (fragment of online seminar SEX and SPIRITUALITY by LAVIAANA)

Translator Solomiya Turchin

Soulmate or Being?

There is one Ukrainian proverb that can be translated as: “Who is the driver, the same is the passenger”. The point is that everyone wants to find a soulmate, but actually finds Beings.

And in order to reach the soul, you need awareness, time and efforts before you will see the real it. And I wasn’t an exception as well.

I couldn’t totally understand why lustful males, for whom this sphere of life is everything they can only think about, periodically appear in my field.
Let me give you an example.

I have a neighbor, with whom we share the same hallway. A few times I observed a similar pattern in his behavior. I was at home.

Unexpectedly I heard the doorbell ringing. When I opened the door, there was my neighbor, without any peace of clothes and offering himself to me! His explanation afterwards was that he had a fever!

I was so frustrated with such a situation, but some time later I understood the reason of that. I was just doing my things, not even suspecting of what was happening.

But the being, that was at that time in me, was sending signals to his being, telling: “Come!”. So, of course, after some time the neighbor was at my door.

Well, at that moment I wasn’t distinguishing my personality from my soul and was identifying myself with everything, that was presented in my personality.

And when I started doing this and disidentified myself from this Being, I even could see how it was looking like. So I started to cover her oxygen through clearing my thoughts and the energies of sexual center in general.

And if somebody is thinking right now, that he or she doesn’t have those Beings – it’s an illusion. Almost everyone has them.

The difference is only in their nature, because those beings appear as the result of our weaknesses and imperfections. They are looking for the loopholes through our thoughts, emotions, etc.

Just please, do not confuse it with an obsession. This is something different, even though the roots are similar.

Sometimes it happens that we are talking not with a person itself, but with his or her Beings, that took the stage.

And until you reach the soul of that person, he/she will think that it’s he/she who makes the decision and expresses personal free will.

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