My name is LAVIAANA now. My male name is SANAT.

On my spiritual WAY I uncovered a new level of energies and the forgotten name LAVIAANA sounded inside me.

It is filled with energies of my native WORLD. Previous names became tight because I had grown out of them.

I came to the Universe to fill it with LOVE. It wasn’t always friendly to me and sometimes I was put in difficult situations.

Gradually I gained  experience of the Unknown world and it became my second Home.

No matter what new shades would shine inside me, the main one is always  LOVE. And now I would like my diverse experience and skills  not to  gather dust on the “shelves” of my Soul.

So, I am glad if any Awakening or already Awakened person knocks  onto my “door”  and wants to get in touch with my energy.

Having travelled across the spaces of the Universe, I gained experience of communication with Beings of different levels of consciousness and learned to make contacts with almost any of them.

Also I am able to communicate with embodied and non-incarnated souls, personality, male and female aspects and, in fact, with any alive energy.

Sometimes People rush about in search of answers about sense of life.

*Contact with the Soul guides, connect them with you, help to build communication through me and as well as without me;

* Am able to communicate with the keepers of the Akashic Records. You have the opportunity to learn the contract of your soul and to change the outdated or already irrelevant points of the contract upon your request;

Our soul has male and female polarity. And until we collect them together, sometimes it is difficult to realize ourselves as the whole.

*Balance male and female inside your soul helping them to join and search for one of them in case of loss or rupture of integrity;

* Work with distortion of energy information crystal of consciousness and matrix.

* Work with distortion of energy information crystal of consciousness and matrix.


And another significant piece of my work is connected with the cleaning of our inner and outer spaces. I’ve come across the Substances who became victims of alien civilizations, which made them “material” for the experiments and turned them into energy donors. As a result, they were hung with all sorts of “gifts” in the form of the parasitic beings, invasive programs, chips and implants. I saw and understood how it was all happening.

* And now I’ve decided that I want to help those who are aware of it and want to be free from all kinds of intervention.

There are a lot of various egregors where we leave a lot of our energies

* Help to deal with egregors

In addition to external problems, there are also our own internal essences and substances inside us, which we produce by our irresponsibility and unconsciousness, not understanding how they stop our development and growth.

They do not appear from the anywhere, but from our own energies, or the energies of other people we contact and as a matter of fact exchange our energies. Unfortunately, this exchange is not always harmonious.

* Help make all those situations clear and find the ways out

Working with yourself is many-sided and multi- stage thing. It’s because of many parts in us: the Spirit, the Soul, the Body. Each of them asks for its attention and cannot just be dismissed.

* Am dealing with your personality i.e. family relationships, problems with children, health issues, helping to find your place in life.

WELCOME! If my energy and experience resonate you I’ll be glad to work together with you!

I work individually and with groups:

Individual session:

75 euro per hour (or equivalent in $)

It can be hour, hour and half or more. Duration depends on your issues.

Group session:

2-3 persons – 90 euro per hour

4-5 persons – 110 euro per hour

more than 5 ones – according to our arrangements

  1. Money Transfer through Western, MoneyGram, RIA, IntelExpress

You will need:


Phone number +380(67) 992 17 91

After payment  please  send  me the screenshot of payment with reference number, total sum and currency, country and your last name.

  1. SWIFT payments

IBAN: UA903052990004149497847421676
Account: 5168742023513694
Bank of Beneficiary              PRIVATBANK
Swift  Code  PBANUA2X
Intermidiar Bank                  Сommerzbank AG Frankfurt am Main Germany
Swift Code: COBADEFF
Сorrespondent Account    acc.№ 400886700401

Once paid, please email me the details –

Please note, Interpretation Services should be paid separately to the interpreter’s account. 1 hour – 35 Euro.

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You can plunge into unique  FENNIX and LAVIAANA‘s energies.

We work with energies and spaces of various densities.

*help in finding integrity, harmony, searching of lost soul parts

*show the way to purify yourself

*  to establish contact with the guides

* to know your purpose of life

* to connect with your soul

You’ll have volumetric view on your fate and become much more consciously.

You’ll realize the reason of events and situations in your life.

And the main thing is that you’ll take a step towards yourself as a CREATOR.