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Translator - Viktoria Andreula


Live channeling with GAYIMIYA


LAVIAANA: I love to feel and hear You. You are so new...

GAYIMIYA: I'm here! Feel my wings!

LAVIAANA: They have changed!

GAYIMIYA: Yes, it's true; my energy reach is different now.

LAVIAANA: Yes, I can feel the taste of it! You are getting free! I hear transformation is not just in You.

GAYIMIYA: Yes, changes are happening in the HIERARCHY as well.

LAVIAANA: Hierarchy is changing from the inside?!

GAYIMIYA: You are correct! True!

The Structures are sending impulses for change   from within. In addition, they are generating a new beginning that will acknowledge the vision and needs of those, whose opinion didn't matter before.

The old tale that Heavens know better is being discarded. This «truth» was once brought here from Beyond, wasn't it?

Let’s look at the part of the world below, animals for instance.

Their collective Soul’s been guiding them from Above, but following orders of those with power.

Now there is a hologram of My energies. My perception of everything that is happening and interaction with Me and from within ME was placed there. Before there was, simply a plug built into My structures in a way that was convenient for   the Hierarchy. Because of this artificial integration, my potential suffered GREATLY!

Everywhere there were  dissonance between My true energies and this in-built system, it caused me great pain, my structures  were either falling apart or  turning inside out , just to get adjusted with  what was offered. So much time We have lost!

I showed the Hierarchy that My loyalty has cost me so much, and if no one would come forward, I am as a CONSCIOUSNESS of the PLANET's body would leave at once and go where I can and want to be. I thought there isn't much I could do.

However, potential of GAUYA supported with My Love is a sea of possibilities. I am as GAYIMIYA moving towards my RIGHT and PRIVILEGE to BE! When change in my  magnetic fields and crystal lattice  has started, they thought I'm just making "waves" there, and I wouldn't have the heart to take a serious  action, let along to make such a statement.

However, when I abruptly started changing and increasing vibrations, they finally acknowledged MY EXISTENCE!

LAVIAANA: But it’s not everything You've done! Nevertheless, You did something else!

GAYIMIYA: True, you perceive everything :)!

LAVIAANA: Not exactly, I love You so much; the feeling just comes on its own! Something is present in You now   that wasn't so clearly revealed before.

GAYIMIYA: When GAUYA and I were recalling Our creations, suddenly the codes started appearing in Our energy field , which  we 're afraid to use in these conditions and hid them in a place beyond Ourselves .But there were imprints of them left inside of Me. It's like returning of the lost memory pieces.

We understood that GAYIMIYA is only a part of OUR consciousness. There is another part of ME.  Moreover, it's the connection with IT what has begun awakening through revealing

You know, I came to be through was created by untraditional way. You call those Eco children. Why do you think it became possible for the Souls to incarnate here in another way, who could not come naturally? Because I experienced it first!

LAVIAANA: I thought as much! That it had to have happened   somewhere on a bigger scale!

GAYIMIYA: Would you like to see it? There was a living form, Look now; I'm showing you what it looked like!

LAVIAANA: I can see it.  Magnificent, just like a womb for nurturing and birth.

Where was it?

GAYIMIYA: It's hard to explain using 3- dimensional language.  It appears as a Universe consisting of three worlds if you look from here, but in other frequencies, it’s a mystery beyond the veil.

LAVIAANA: Just like the fairytale!

When I connect with you, I hear frequencies  interacting  with one  another   and  being placed into three spaces as three pieces  of the same design , where one doesn't function without another.

GAYIMIYA: Yes, that was a plan.

LAVIAANA: Why so complicated?

GAYIMIYA: It's only hard to understand with a linear mind.

LAVIAANA: Well, I see, go on!

GAYIMIYA: Energy mass with a potential of sounding, understanding, responding was placed into this «womb"


GAYIMIYA: In the Eco project, Creators are anonymous, some CREATORS prefer to stay... disguised.

LAVIAANA: I need to understand, because I also was involved in creation of this Universe.

GAYIMIYA: Those beings, my PARENTS, came into this world first. The Universe as it is didn't exist yet. It was just energy of space.

They weaved energy lines together and triggered growth of universal honeycombs. Using these cells, ABSOLUTE that you call LOGOS had been created and given the power.

They are not rulers. They do not consider Themselves that, but rather eternal travelers exploring Universes.

They are the FORCES, whose essence is to generate an impulse for creation and development in spaces and worlds of various forms and configurations.

It's hard for you to understand in your current state of mind. To put it simpler - if there is a creator, there will be a creation.

LAVIAANA: I understand what You are trying to tell me, I have an experience working with spaces as an Architect.

GAYIMIYA: Yes, there is a force, a potential. Potential that comes with an activation of the Force, what gives an impulse that, in this particular space for example, would be essential for dynamic of movement, growth, appearance of the creator and the creation itself, of anything imaginable.

I'm only speaking of the basics of Eco, as it originally was.

LAVIAANA: There is a certain space. It's vacant. Those Forces take it for «developing". They scan it, swaddle it temporarily with own energy with their energies, and give the foundation for the future flow of events to be, but with variations for fluidity, freedom of the chance...

Did I understand correct? After that, everything needed would be brought there..., the Creators as well. Often it is successful, but sometimes errors also happen.

GAYIMIYA: Yes, THEY plant the seeds of the fundamentals and prepare receptivity of the space.

Therefore, My creating was fascinating. THEY wished for Me to be completely free! They do realize what’s going on with the hierarchies in these spaces.

When local leaders exceed the limits, THEY, time to time, activate energy force fields, that begin the process of reconstruction and transformation of the existing life. Therefore, Eco-children don't get attached to the surrounding world in a way others do, and have the ability to leave it, if necessary.

I also have this ability and a choice, as it turned out. Just like any Eco-creation.  I'm not attached to my final creator , and can come back to where the Forces, that gave me original  Impulse of life would see ME.  It's THEM, who can change the direction  of My existence.

LAVIAANA: You were talking about the collective consciousness of the animal world. Could you please tell me in details?

GAYIMIYA: Then listen!

The connection with the animal collective soul will happen through energy masses of information, coming from the hologram of OUR CONSCIOUSNESS to the bellow.  Hologram has capsules containing development and evolution of this consciousness according to our frequencies and requests.

They have a concentration of the experience, which would synchronize with Me. In  times where I'm not familiar with the course of experience  and it didn't resonate with Me, reevaluation would take place, recording, and a quality  of adaptation to My structures would be added  to them.

Many animal kinds will disappear and the rest will be modified. You can see many mutations right now. The reason for them is a dissonance with My energy frequencies and harsh distortions through forced exertion of them in My energy body. I will be guiding the process from now.

Only those kinds with the prospect and potential will get a chance for development. The rest will be cast out and vanish. I am exiting   the duality.

In addition, I will evaluate everything based on the principle of Unity just like between GAUYA and GAIYA. Let’s take someone as an example.

LAVIAANA: Oh, let’s think a horse! 🙂

GAYIMIYA: All animal kinds related to it by hologram will count as a single kind. Into an animal with united male female qualities. The separation into types as such will be absent.

First stage. The kind will cease dividing into male and female in a physical body and some sort of universal kind will be developed.

It would be less energy consuming for me, as it is Me, who will be creating a form for all of these kinds and all the energies needed for the process will come from ME.

I generated all the energies either way, but now I will direct the flow, no more chaotic purposeless energy waste. I will create a vision, image sort of. I will lower it here to synchronize.

Everyone who will participate in development and adaptation will have to cross- check   with the past image and change it according to My new parameters.

Second stage. We will eliminate the kinds existed for balance and leave those, who are capable for evolution, and adjusting to live in upcoming higher vibrations.

Third stage: Based on the evolving kind of one specie, we will create the united kind, containing all the species and subspecies of the particular animal. Joining all into one and universal.

Therefore, beings will be created with resonance to my potential and energy range.

I 'm planning to nurture souls from them for inhabiting new worlds. I am also a Creator, you know, Creator whose freedom manifesting was taken away, thinking, that I'm not capable and I am just a silent  toy in the hands of those experimenting with it.

LAVIAANA: And what about people?

GAYIMIYA: Life contracts with those who reached certain level of fulfillment of the matrix will be terminated. They will be given choices.

- To become somebody's guide

- To go back Home, if there is an efficient amount of energy preserved.

There is also a third option. The way I feel it, it is unpredictable. However, it has a potential for growth.

It is to incarnate, but in a new form, completely opposite to what was. I’d like to call it EXPERIENCE OF UNMASKING.

The part of the matrix that served the purpose of gathering experience of the human life will be altered. Everything developed through being a human will get scanned according to the frequency levels.

Moreover, data selected through this evaluation will have to meet a particular quality demand.  It will be compressed and the percentage of the obtained  will be determined.

Characteristics of the new matrix formation will depend on it, but   this time not as parameters of a human being. The part of the matrix made for gaining human experience will be reset.

It will be reprogrammed and modified for the higher level. A Being will be given an opportunity to manifest experiences of his Home World under conditions of the constantly accelerating time, indicating exit from the density.

LAVIAANA: You know you did a great job there! I always felt there were a depth of mysteries and possibilities within You.  Let us stop for now, but I will be looking forward to continue this later.

GAYIMIYA: You are such a grateful listener!