Imagine a community where:

  • All residents do not feel a need to lie or be someone they are not, because no one is there to judge anyone, in this community you don’t need to correspond to any social standards, because there are none, you can just “be yourself” 24 hours a day;
  • All residents are responsible for their own words and are 100% honest with not just themselves but with others too (naturally, not forced), being part of a community who’s only purpose is to radiate love and respect to each other;
  • All residents have enough personal space which they can build from, to their own taste and specification, without interfering with other people’s own private spaces and vice versa;
  • Individuals and groups no longer entering into “relationships” for the sake of profit but instead to genuinely experience joyful mutual exchanges that comes from self-sufficiency and rich inner-connectivity;
  • Involvement in projects that give back satisfaction and joy;
  • Being presented an ability to convert the ordinary mundane daily repetitive tasks in to beautiful creative process’ inspiring to the soul;
  • Individual choice through individual thinking in a non-intrusive, fully supportive environment;
  • There is a place for each person in the group, not because that person “ticked the standard boxes” but that the space itself was created with individual needs and qualities in mind;
  • Where having an open heart is not considered “being naïve” but instead a sign of an inner spiritual strength that is respected and recognized as wisdom;
  • Where both inner (and outer) purity is respected, not because certain law requires so but because it is a natural desire of every inhabitant, generated by love and pride in YOUR WORLD

The EARTH that has been created by FREE people!

Do you have any other ideas describing the New Earth and the society in which you would like to live? Please share your thoughts in the comments below and we will add them to the list!

We understand that our ideas may seem utopian to some of you out there, such people are destined to live in the different world corresponding to their level of consciousness. The freedom of choice. The Universe is large enough to accommodate different realities of many different people. All at once.

new earth people

Although the collective consciousness is still poorly developed in its current make up, there are so many people who have already reached a sufficient level of consciousness for the transition to this new reality and therefore the goal of this project is to connect and introduce to like-minded people enabling us all to create our common reality of our new world.

It’s a difficult challenge but one that is acceptable and achievable if you understand the laws of energy correlation and the principles of the new world formation.

The time has passed now for people to move from being led by someone else without thinking – to the level of being conscious creators of their own “new life” and this choice is not for humanity in general but for every individual living on this planet today and in the future.

Don’t worry if don’t yet know or understand something. Each of us has certain skills and knowledge that, when combined together can create a very different and unique world.

Like separated different pieces of the puzzle that when put together in order, create a united beautiful picture.

We will learn everything from each other as we build our community, as we create our realities. We just need to start to develop our communication. It would indeed be an injustice to miss such an amazing opportunity to transform an entire community of people.


We dedicate our project to both the newcomers in the spiritual field, and the more experienced spiritual practitioners.

We invite others to dialogue with us if they also feel ready or even started a process to disband both the old ways and the old society, removing the shackles of commercialism and untying the dependency on the latest fad or craze, seeking new experiences that are more meaningful to mankind and individuals that can truly deserve the title man/woman OF earth.