Creator of Russian Version of This Project, Spiritual Master
I can provide different energy of different ranges which in turn helps to open and heal the Soul of each person.
Spiritual Master
The fundamental energy of my Subtle World is Oneness. I brought here this energy of Oneness through Pure Love!
Spiritual Master
I came to this Universe to fill it in with Love. I will be happy to share with you my diverse experience and skills.
Spiritual Master
My female energy is LOVE and male is CREATIVITY – both gives tremendous power. The power of CREATION THROUGH LOVE!
Admin, Translator & Interpreter
I love to create spaces for creativity as web-site Administrator and transform energy into words as a Translator & Interpreter
Translator & Interpreter
As a polyglot, it is my job here to aid in surpassing the language barrier, so that this information can be accessible to everyone in the world’s third most spoken language (English). Being a former student of this school, which was a great help and push, I am now an energy worker, who’s still wandering and sailing on Her own depths, uncovering myself more and more, so that I can through my work with myself, express who I am and fulfill what I, as a Soul, came here for..