We created this project to give people the opportunity to expand their worldview and run global society changes. We do not impose on anyone’s teacher, we don’t need the flock,  we only share our experiences to inspire those who are looking for new knowledge and ways of life.

For active participants of the NEW EARTH PEOPLE who are willing not only to periodically read interesting articles, but also openly discuss current problems and challenges with like-minded people, we are planning to spend 2-3 hour online meetings every first Sunday of the month.

Another goal of our project is to introduce people from all over the world with like-minded people from their own regions, so you can meet in places of residence, create your community or resonant groups,  where you can get pleasure from personal communication and exchange of energy.

While the adults communicate in such groups, your children can play together getting to know each other and creating a real group of friends. Everyone knows the best friends are childhood friends!

Your comments and stories about your accomplishments in life and spiritual revelations received through the pulses of the NEW EARTH PEOPLE, will be the best gratitude for our work!

Create yourself with love!

new earth people