If you have:

– life issues (in any area);
– a personal problem that bothers you but find it difficult to solve by yourself, or even if you just want to open up your heart and talk;
– to make a choice in a current situation;

We can talk and find solutions. I’ll help you to look at the familiar things but from a slightly different point of view. You will find a much faster path and avoid unpleasant mistakes, you will see the real faces of people around you and much more.

Please contact me with the request to work with you only if you are genuinely ready to change and to BREAK FREE from all your old patterns.

During this process, I WILL NOT heal you or solve your problems for you. You will do this yourself both during the session and after it. My task is to take you to a different level of understanding of life.

You can look at yourself (and your life) from another level of your consciousness. Every individual, after a session with myself, will experience true results

You will gain a new sense of yourself, you will learn various aspects of life and you will feel the taste of life resulting in a new vision through the shroud of illusions of human consciousness.

I can provide different energy of different ranges which in turn helps to open and heal the Soul, which is the very “Being” of each person.

Unfortunately, I do not hear beings of a subtle level because of the vibrating fork between my matrix and this universe, although I can read the energies and internal states of the interlocutor.

Paired work with the master contactors, it allows one to go deeper into the session and cover your questions more multifaceted yet also to bring more awareness through understanding of your situation.

It’s difficult for the contactee to be both “there” and “here” so the participation of the co-presenter (myself) who clearly understands the process and who is paying attention to the details, giving protection in case of need in a demanding situation, makes the work much more effective. You can choose a pair of any Masters from our team, namely the one who resonates with you as a person:


Appeal to the level of the soul, to the curators, the search and reunion of the aspects of the soul,
Tasks for the realization, understanding of the causes of diseases and other negative situations,
Release from bindings and intrusion of alien entities.
Live energy exchange.


Family relations, parents, children, work, ways of self-realization, finding a place in life.

Working Time: 3 hours
Cost: 200 EURO
Payment details:

1. PayPal

2. Bank transfer

Teā Mīra



IBAN: LV35HABA0551039329395

Proposal for group work:

I can help to deal with the energies in the group, the relationship between members, personal verticals and many other issues.

Number of participants – up to 9 people
Working time – 2 hours

Please note, Interpretation Services should be paid separately to the interpreter’s account. 1 hour – 35 Euro.

For any questions please contact me via email –

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