I am YAEL.

My female energies are LOVE.

My male energies are CREATION.

The unity of these two energies gives  me  great  power. The power of CREATION through LOVE.


The instruments of GODDESS that I’ve received from my Soul guides, Mentors, my Higher Self, my Absolute will help you deal with your problems in the most efficient way, without causing any harm to yourself, others around you, and the Universe.

Life exists amidst the Chaos, it’s true, and therefore the Law much more powerful then destruction must exist out there. It is the Law of Unity and Love! Returning of the lost memory pieces was an absolutely new discovery for me.

I understood and realized the miracle of the Source of Everything.

The understanding of how Your Source is sending you pure energies and connecting each one of you with Your true Absolute is like to wake up all over again as a new being.

You begin to SEE, to HEAR, to UNDERSTAND.

We all are one, in our hearts is where the unity happens. I will teach You how to understand and transform Your pain into pure source of energy, no matter what the reasons are for it.

You will get the answer to any question that you seek. You transformation rates will become unbelievable. Everybody will be able to fill his heart with a beautiful flow of Love and bring it to those around you.

During private consultation I  can  offer you:

–  Deep techniques to part with your fear, pain, grief’s, bad habits, the negative in your life.

–  To begin the healing and transformation processes by using special techniques and meditations.

–  You can build harmonious relationships that are filled with love and understanding within yourself , with others, with world around you and Your Source by using ” The Effective Goal” method.

–  you will discover the contract of your Soul / purpose, mission, incarnation tasks , family goal, and your path.

–  you will establish a contact with Your Guardians and  Guides.

–  We will sort out the male/female relationships in your life that interest you.

–  you will know  the name of your Soul and other questions.

You will be able  to do, to know and understand:

–  What is your Higher Self, and how to make contact with IT.

–  To cleanse your energy channels and chakras/ using meditations/.

–  To get rid of and cleanse mental blocks, beliefs, that won’t let you to make decisions and serve as obstruction on your way of knowing yourself/ freedom and Transformation of the pain/

–  to work in the astral density to help the soul and  the body against negative situations/ using meditations/

–  I will teach you to build and materialize the space around you.

–  To plan and change your future.

–  To be the Creator of your reality.

Give this gift to your Soul, change your FATE right here right now. And I, YAEL are ready to guide you through it.

Full consultation for personal matters with YAEL.

Duration of consultation  is about 1 hour. Cost is 75 Euro.

Duration of  consultation is about 2 hours. Cost is 120 Euro.

Special price for repetitive consultations, package of 4 sessions, constant support in a chat room during the time of 2 months. We work privately with the personal  program made specifically for your needs. Cost – 320 euro.

Private consultation with YAEL and TÉA:

We work together as a team, you – according to your abilities and me as a CONTRACTOR for the information that you need. TÉA as a hostess to direct the process by creating and maintaining the united energy field.

Cost for consultation is 320 euro. duration is 3 hours. The payment for the consultation is sent to each individual mentor requisites.

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