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Relationship before self-sufficiency (fragment of online seminar SEX and SPIRITUALITY by LAVIAANA)

Translator Solomiya Turchin

While two partners don’t feel self-sufficient, the contact occurs on the level of body and personality (first three centers). I’m talking here about an average couple.

Communication on the level of the soul begins from the heart center. But as there is no integrity within a couple yet, everything begins with an attachment, which means that one partner completes himself by using another one.

Because of energy blocks a person is unable to keep a particular energy in his field.

The energy cannot flow in a normal way.

When partners separate for a certain period of time, it creates a hole, an emptiness that needs to be fulfilled by another person. On this basis the following conclusion is made: “When we are together - I feel good.

When we are far away from each other –I feel bad. It means that I love him/her”. Another example can be “I feel bad without you”.

But this kind of love is a love for the source of nutrition.

What happens next?

1) Person becomes dependent from the object of his/her love

2) If one partner is fed by the energies of another, then the volume of energy that the second partner has in his energy centers decreases. As a result, a crisis of relations occurs.

3) The person does not notice his/her problematic centers and doesn’t develop the ability to accumulate energies.

As a result, the feeling of being incomplete appears and person falls into dependence. Fight for the completion and energies is a deep foundation of any conflict.

Moreover, the opponents in those conflicts are not people, but the Beings, generated by them, or which came through family or social egregors.

The main point of any conflict is a loss of part of somebody’s energy. A resolution of a conflict means return of this energy.

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