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Author TEYA
Translator Elena Krymskaya

In an ancient tantric tradition, the supreme God Shiva was depicted with blue throat.

According to the legend, the demons and the demi-gods wishing to get the elixir of life had to team up and began to churn the ocean of life with a great mountain Meru.

As a result of this process, different divine creatures and miracles appeared from the ocean. But at some point a very poisonous matter able to kill anyone who contacted with it appeared.

All the demi-gods and demons horrified hurried to the coolest of all “daddies” – Shiva (from the Trinity of Supreme Gods Shiva-Brahma-Vishnu). Shiva as an extraordinary and a bit wild being drunk all the poison. He hasn’t died but the throat turned blue forever…

None of the fairy tale-legend-myth is fiction. Each of them has a real-life story and some point in its theme. It’s of no importance in which world, at what time period it was happening. The human can’t invent something Nonexistent. To stretch a story – it’s purely human way!

Let’s go back to our story

I couldn’t grasp why Shiva had drunk the poison? He could have done lots of other things. But to take deadly poison orally…,Yuk, it’s disgusting!

I had such a story in my life. I had a big order from one company, our regular client, to post the advertisement to brand new lease cars.

The design was very difficult, the stickers were everywhere except the bottom. The car is not orthogonal, it has bends, bulbs.

To apply stickers without bumps and folds we had to make some cuts right at the car. It’s a very difficult and costly work. Everyone was happy expecting to get a lot of money.

After a short while instead of money I get a claim from the client, notifying that cars are cut and they suggest either to buy all these new 10 cars or to take off the stickers, to color cars and apply new stickers.

A real scandal was about to happen. I’m not going to describe those 2 weeks of expert reviews and negotiations. The client was holding his ground.

I got into an absolutely dead-end situation. On the one part, there was an important client and it was absolutely useless to fight with his lawyers.

On the other part, there was a worker who was applying the stickers to the cars, a very ordinary man from whom you wouldn’t take anything even if you want to.

And in between there was me, as an owner of a small design agency, carrying all the financial responsibility, an innocent victim.

Such an option as to buy and repaint 10 new cars, even one of them, wasn’t considered for I have never had such amount of money and will never have.

I felt with my body like the problem was getting into a bunch, involving more and more people.

Like poison, it was spreading in every day of my life and didn’t allow me to work or sleep relaxed. What would you do if you were me without money?

At that time I had only one “anti-stress remedy” – work in the garden. Picking out dandelions from my model lawn I was tearing around in search of problem solution.

At the level of reasoning, there was no way out, my mind admitted its defeat. But I never give up. If mind can’t so it’s time to switch on other layers of consciousness.

First thing I did I began to collect all this poison into one point from all the corners of my life where it managed to leak in.

In 30 seconds in front of me, there was a huge shapeless faded black stain. I put aside my hoe and stood up. What should I do with this stain?

Usually, it’s recommended to dig it deep into the ground, to the very center of the Earth to melt it so to say. At the moment I was about to do it I felt inner antagonism.

“Don’t dare to do it, it’s your problem, you don’t need to get rid of this stain, you need to transform it yourself.” Easy to say, how to do it?

Suddenly I felt an inner impulse to act before my body got scared and blocked it, I opened my mouth and literally ATE this dirty stain! A attacked it as a wild animal grasping his victim.

My mind didn’t even had a chance to realize what happened and stood transfixed. And an amazing thing happened! I felt like this heavy negative energy that I ate flew down to my throat like black tar.

At the moment it was passing through my throat chakra this “tar” turned into crystal clear “water”. This “water” got inward, spread in my body charging every cell with a powerful impulse.

My mind, waken out, realized what happened. “What the f..k”. Like never before I had a lake of the purest energy in my body. Thus for a couple of seconds, I realized that there is NO negative and positive energy.

There is JUST energy, the energy of LIFE! And we see it black or sky blue pink we see it through the prism of our consciousness. Shiva wasn’t a fool, indeed, he knew what to do! Now I could understand him.

From that moment I didn’t get a single letter or telephone call from this hapless customer about above said. Everything like vanished in nowhere.

I was afraid to clarify details let alone thinking in this direction, not to start a whirlwind of the problem.

I still have no idea what happened to these cars. In a week I got the money. My throat is not blue still…

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