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Soul Energy Information Keys

Translator - Viktoria Andreula


We often don't understand ourselves, and take as a given all the mental junk we have gathered.  However, there are true gems hidden deep within us. My energies will help you to believe that they are real.

"Talk to those who will respond to our calling!"

keysWhen invisible vibrations began to shape into words and sounds, I knew, there were flowers blossoming inside me, interacting with the World Themselves, without any help on my part, and fulfill the task, that I don’t not always realize.

Dear Friends! My name is LAVIAANA

What I’m offering you is very unusual! When I get in touch with you on a deep level, my Essential energies find «The Keys" to those layers of your Soul that cannot be reached by the means of the mind.

These are not prepared step-by-step solutions, but special KEYS that would help you to work with yourself on a deeper level of your Being, that are not always visible from the perspective of the mind and personality.

It appears to sound rather metaphoric, something like «Inspiration by LAVIAANA", only made uniquely for YOU!

How can You use it?

There are many ways:

* As a message from your Soul to you, that is worth paying attention to.

* As Meditation practices - with focus on the essence of your Being.

*As a way out of the dead end and exploring of new horizons.

It would work differently for everyone.

How can be described what happens when I'm writing my essay?

Energies live within me as a Kingdom of magic with its own laws. I'm guided by it, and It's guided by me.

Suddenly, a thought is born about something or someone. There is a blank spot within and only Impulse as a gifted Conductor directs Everything that happens.

I Follow It blindly, not knowing where It would lead me.  It starts with a word, a phrase; one after another. The nature of the Impulse will establish tempo, melody and pattern. Just like invisible Artist is weaving its Gem.

I always feel the shades of the Creation to be born, but I don’t focus my mind on it so not to interfere with the purity of the Vision.

Threads are connecting together creating intricate design. It's important to forget yourself at this moment and let it flow without barriers, without stopping.

I don't know whether it will be long or short, dynamic or effortless. However, when Creation is done, invisible Hand will stop the process. And that who’s been a center of Creation, will get the message from beyond, that will resonate with the essence of It's soul and mysteries of ITS EXISTENCE.

It has nothing to do with unconscious writing. I am in a state of complete awareness and understanding of the process as it goes.

However, it's not me who is here writing this for you dear friend, but me as a Being from beyond, who knows everything about both of US!

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