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Spiritual and energetic nature of a relationship (fragment of  online seminar SEX and SPIRITUALITY by Laviaana)

Translator Solomiya Turchin

One Story

I'd like to begin with a story that will help me illustrate to you what I’ll be talking about.

An experienced yogi falls in love with an eighteen year old girl.

For a yogi of such a high- level this feeling would be more like a headache than a joy because similarities to monks the yogi will also maintain a life of celibacy.

However one can’t tell one’s heart what to feel. Having suffered long enough, one night our yogi’s soul connected on a spiritual level with that girl. However, the next morning he suddenly felt a pinched spinal nerve in his body.

It’s clear that such a thing cannot happen in one night, especially with a person who leads such a lifestyle as yogi would. But as it turned out, this young girl was herself in love with a man who had this pinched nerve.

Energetic exchanges

The moral of the story is that when people start a relationship, special energetic ties are being created between them and, thus, they become as one on an energetic level.

It means that whatever happens in the body of one partner is reflected on the body of the other one. If, for example, a certain person had five partners and each of these individuals was connected on an energetic level with this person.

Additionally through him/her with other partners. So we can only imagine what energetic exchanges occur among totally unfamiliar people.

Women who were considered to be prostitutes in ancient times were unjustly labeled because they themselves didn’t charge fees for their services as they were priestesses of certain cults.

Let’s imagine as a merchant comes from Europe to Asia and finds such a woman. They have a sexual contact during his stay before returning home.

And now his spiritual and physical energy can easily flow through this woman to the demonic cult. And via these sexual contacts those women were capturing men into their cult not speaking them about it.


Let’s also talk about telegony. Many people have probably already heard about the effect of telegony, however I’m still going to briefly mention it because when I was a little girl, I heard a story about a white woman who gave birth to a black child from a white man.

This man obviously didn’t accept the child and suspected that his loved one had betrayed him. But some time later it turned out that the mother of this woman had herself the sexual encounter with a black man long time ago.

So what’s the connection between those two stories? After some time I found out about the phenomenon of telegony.

It all began with a series of crossbreeding experiments that used horses and zebras. Unfortunately, they failed and the impregnation did not occur.

But in the future some of the female horses that once had connections with male zebras started to give birth to striped babies, even though both parents were purebred horses. Such a phenomenon is called telegony.

When a girl has extramarital sexual contact with a man, she doesn’t think about the fact that it’ll establish a gene pool for any future children she’ll have with other men. And it doesn’t matter whether this contact results in pregnancy or not.

The more different sexual relations a woman has before marriage, the more it distorts her chromosomal chain and so the less chances she has to give birth to children that will be from her beloved husband.

After festivals, sport games and other similar events with the participation of foreigners a lot of black children were born within white families.

These children didn’t look like either the mother or the father, but rather like “an unknown guy”. Sometimes it passed to their daughters who didn’t have sexual contact with black men at all, as in my example above.

Therefore, not only are external factors are involved, but also genetics. Consequently, the entire set of negativity will move to a child.

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