She washed his feet - he put the basin on her head (fragment of online seminar SEX and SPIRITUALITY by LAVIAANA)

Translator Solomiya Turchin


At first glance, we may think:” What an ungrateful parasite!”

But after taking a closer look, we may distinguish some signs of a pair wise egregor.

Let me remind you, that pair wise egregor is an energetic space of thoughts, feelings and actions, related to two people that become a living being.

It influences both people involved and forces them to act in one way or another, so that the energy can flow into the egregor and it could continue to exist.

I already gave the example of delegation of solar plexus center before. However, now the situation is quite different.

As the couple came together in order to substitute what they were missing, the egregor was formed accordingly.

It seems that the woman made a very good action, but received a total ingratitude in return.

And the reason is that man didn’t receive the range of energies that he needed. And he needed energies that he is lacking or that that he is losing due to the energetic outflow.

These are the energies of love and joy, but it varies depending on the person. So he starts to demand those energies using his power.

Here it depends from the personality of the man and his character, but it can even be a physical force. This process may also involve children: as they are the most vulnerable members of the family, the energy can easily be taken from them.

For example, my neighbors have a situation where father often argues with his daughter, who already has her own family.

The problems of energetic relations between husband and wife are transferred to their daughter.

But here is one nuance. If a man is intelligent by his character and cannot take the energy by force, he becomes physically ill or the family falls apart.

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